Explore the Riff System

The Riff System is constructed from sandwiches which are assembled from panels, brackets, nuts and bolts (Fig. A).

All holes in Riff System panels eventually recieve a bolt and nut. This is how multiple sandwiches are fastened together.
Panels are always oriented back-to-back with the finished sides out so the bevels on each edge form a point. (Fig. B) Sandwiches that are perpendicular to one another meet at the bevels. (Fig. C)

Printed Riff System Panels can be mixed and matched, moved, arranged and rearranged. With countless configurations and combinations of graphics and colors the only limit is your imagination and the possibilities are endless...
The Riff System is custom furniture that you can build to your needs and is composed of a system of flat-packed panels and metal connectors that arrive ready to assemble. This is high-quality furniture is made from durable materials. Assembly is simple and doesn’t require special tools. All hardware and assembly tools are included in the package. It’s also simple to break down, move and reassemble into a new configuration or different environment. All panels and hardware are built to last so when you’re ready for a change the Riff System will be up to the task, time and time again.